Terms and Conditions

The person placing any order with Grand Prints accepts total responsibility for full payment and any additional costs that may be incurred in the production of this order under the following Terms and Conditions.

1. PAYMENT - Full payment must accompany order. There is a $25 service charge on returned checks.

2. LAYOUTS AND COPY - Instructions and rough mock-ups are welcome but with the understanding that unless completed electronic files or camera-ready copy is given, layouts and cropping are at our discretion. Copy must be clearly typed or printed. We cannot be held responsible for any errors resulting from ambiguities.

3. COMPANY IMPRINT - All orders may include our company imprint and photo credits, which will be positioned at our discretion, unless omission is requested.

4. ORIGINALS - Whereas every care is taken, neither Grand Prints nor its agents shall have any liability for loss or damage to transparencies, photos, artwork, etc. other than for the replacement cost of the basic tangible materials.

5. QUALITY - We use technologically advanced equipment and inks that produce exceptional results. However, we cannot be held responsible for printing results that are less than excellent if the original digital files, hard copy prints and/or text supplied to us are not also of excellent quality. Responsibility for the quality of the materials provided to us lies entirely with our customers.

6. STORAGE OF WORKING FILE - Scans and layouts are normally kept on file. Although those originations remain the property of Grand Prints, they are available for reprints. As the papers and inks used for printing can and do change, a re-order of a job previously printed by Grand Prints does not guarantee, nor in any way whatever suggest nor assure that the paper used for printing, nor the coloring of any picture, will be the same as a previous printing of any order printed by Grand Prints. Grand Prints shall not be, nor shall its owners, nor shall its employees be liable for loss or damage to such materials which are retained and stored only as a gratuitous courtesy to our clients.

7. COPYRIGHT - The client shall obtain all necessary permission to reproduce the artwork/photographs and shall totally indemnify Grand Prints and its agents from any claim arising therefrom.

8. LIABILITY - Whereas every effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates, Grand Prints shall have no liability for any damages, incurred costs or loss of income sustained by any client due to delays, for whatever reason, resulting from any printing undertaken by Grand Prints.

9. CANCELLATION - Any order cancelled prior to being printed is subject to a charge of 50% of the total price of the order. Any order cancelled after being printed is subject to payment of 100% of the full price of the order.

10. ADJUSTMENTS - Adjustments to a completed order must be made within 72 hours of delivery. Any order to be returned must be returned in full or no adjustments can be made.

11. VENUE - This agreement is entered into the State of California, City of North Hollywood, and the parties agree that the State of California, City of North Hollywood will be the sole and exclusive venue for any other action between the parties.

12. ATTORNEYS FEES - The parties agree that in the event an action is brought by either party to enforce this agreement or to resolve every dispute, claim or controversy related thereto, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees not to exceed $1,000.00, exclusive of necessary costs and expenses.

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